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AP human resources development regional center in Vizag

The government is preparing to relocate the Andhra Pradesh Human Resource Development Corporation (APHDC), which was set up in Bapatla after the partition of the state, to Visakhapatnam instead of Guttuchappu. At Chengalravupeta in Visakhapatnam, APH Uddu rents out an ancient Municipal Corporation building. The process of making it more sophisticated is moving quickly.It will be ready in two to three months, according to sources. HDI will then be fully maintained within it after that.

Up to 150 regular and contract neighbourhood services staff used to work at Herdy in Bapatla. The majority of them have been relocated to Guntur and Vijaya. As a result, Bapatla is currently operating with six people. Officers can also attend training programmes at the District Training Center in Guntur and the Mark Fed Building in Vijayawada.

The AP will handle all HDI operations in addition to moving the majority of workers to the building Siddha Mayyaka in Visakhapatnam. The High Court has stated unequivocally that Amravati shall remain the capital and that government offices should not be relocated from here.

In Visakhapatnam, a building with all the trimmings: Hemodi has reportedly rented an old GVMC building in Visakhapatnam’s One Town neighbourhood for Rs 3 lakh per month. The structure, which has a total built-up area of 2000 square feet, is being rehabilitated under the auspices of VMTOA. In Sami Pun, Madhuravada, the AP HD Regional Office is housed in an apartment.Four or five Bapatla staff were just transferred there. In the future, the building will be used for trainee accommodation. A few more are in the midst of looking for a place to live.

Following the state’s partition, AP Hetajani was managed for a few years at Triple IT in Noojeedu before being relocated to Bapatla. The previous administration spent Rs. In addition to the existing facilities, they have built hostels and mini conference halls with a Rs 8 crore grant.Up to 20 training classes were in full swing from 2017 till the new buildings became available. In addition to Jaini Aimala, training programmes for officers from several government departments were held here. For training, they travelled from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, and Lakshadweep.

Even after Vaikapa took power in 2018, training programmes continued for several years. Wid intervened and brought them to a halt. For the past year, the government has been planning to relocate the AP HDI to Visakhapatnam. Andhra University’s buildings have been inspected.The building was favoured or GVMC has now rented it.

APHA DID has five main buildings in Bapatla, as well as eight additional structures such as conference halls, lodges, and stairwells. The main building, the hostel building, and the Epiheradivi conference hall are among them. The Bapatla District Collectorate, the SP office, and other district level offices will occupy the remaining structures.

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