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AP Government expects Rs 1000 Cr from Vizag via registrations

In the financial year 2021-22, the Andhra Pradesh government aims to meet a target of Rs 1000 crores in registrations from eight sub-registrar offices. The goal is to double the income from the previous financial year. The shift in government market rates for areas within the city limits has resulted in a rise in land rates. The aim appears to be easily achieved with the recovery of pending funds and pending documents. Registrations brought in a total of Rs 606.51 crores by the end of December 2021. Only Rs 654 crores were received in the previous year.

Madhurawada and Vizag’s RO have exceeded their revenue targets in the Vizag city limits. Till now, the Madhurawada region has collected Rs 170 crores, while Vizag’s RO has collected Rs 146 crores. Madhurawada’s RO has collected Rs 147 crores in the last year, whereas Vizag’s RO has received Rs 133 crores. Anandapuram, Bheemili, Dwarakanagar, and Pendurthi are all far from the given target.

Additional sub registrars have been appointed in the Madhurawada and Bheemili offices by the government. They hope to reach more work and earn more money in this regard.

The registration department’s revenue from Vizag has been increasing in recent years. Vizag estimates a 40% increase in revenue over the previous year. The money received in the previous year was not as high as expected due to Corona. The government has earned money ranging between Rs 450 crores to Rs 650 crores from the Vizag region over the last five years, according to the report.

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