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Andhra Kashmir Lambasingi (Location, Reviews, Photos, Hotels & Resorts)

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Lambasingi, also known as the “Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh” is a delightful hamlet located in Chintapalli Mandal in the richly forested Araku Valley at an elevation of 1025 metres above sea level. The charming village is known for its majestic hills, apple orchards, and panoramic views of the valleys beyond. It’s one of the best-kept secrets in Andhra Pradesh.

The village of Korra Bayalu, also known as Korra Bayalu, is the only place in South India where snowfall occurs when temperatures drop significantly. Aside from the abundance of natural beauty and the stunning views of the towering hills and meandering rivers, the village also offers a variety of adventure activities. So, if you’re looking for a cool breeze, hazy mists, vibrant gardens, and abundant natural beauty, you know where to go.

While there are no entertainment options once the sun sets in Lambasingi, you could sample some local cuisine and retire early because no trip to Lambasingi is complete without a trek to the magnificent viewpoint. There are several ways to get to the viewpoint, one of which claims to be the quickest. People have been known to rise as early as 4 a.m. in the hopes of seeing the sunrise from the viewpoint. Even though the hike is difficult and exhausting, you will be left speechless by the sunrise once you reach the top. Just hope it’s not a cloudy morning so you can get the perfect display shot!

Lambasingi is the place to go if you want a peaceful, quiet vacation with plenty of opportunities to see breathtaking views and take plenty of photos. In Lambasingi, two days would be sufficient. You can also buy fresh dragon fruit, pineapples, and apples from the farms depending on the season. Coffee and pepper are also available for purchase.

Lambasingi Tourist Attractions

Thajangi Reservoir

With majestic hills in the background and a mighty river running through it, Thajangi Reservoir, just 6 kilometres from Lambasingi, is the most visited spot in Lambasingi. The natural beauty of the area attracts shutterbugs, photographers, hikers, nature lovers, and others.

Kothapalli Waterfalls

The most beautiful and mesmerising Kothapalli Waterfalls are another hidden gem in Lambasingi. The water cascades down in all its splendour in a natural setting with little to no human interaction. If you are in or near the area, the magical waterfall is definitely worth seeing.

Susan Garden

After waterfalls, meadows, rivers, valleys, and hills, the only thing that was missing was a garden. Lambasingi, on the other hand, has it. The Susan Garden will greet you on your way to Lambasingi, right before your destination, with ultra-beautiful yellow and black flowers. You can unwind and relax or take in the stunning sunset. You can also use your cameras to capture the picture-perfect moment.

At Lambasingi, there are a variety of things to do

  • Take a walk through misty cloudy gardens, apple orchards, and coffee plantations.
  • Explore the mysticism of nature by wandering into the nearby forests.
  • Camping, trekking, rock climbing, hiking, and other adventure activities are all available at the location.
  • Discover the Arakku Valley, which is known for its vibrant roses, waterfalls, streams, and green meadows.
  • If you’re in need of some sun, sea, and sand, this is the place to be. Lambasingi is only 120 kilometres away, and Uppada Beach is just as close.
  • Lambasingi’s Ghat Road is a picturesque road ideal for romantic walks and strolls.

What is the best way to get to Lambasingi

Lambasingi is a 100-kilometer drive from Vishkhapatnam and is easily accessible by road or rail. If you’re looking for a fun road trip, you can also drive down to the location.

Location Map for Lambasingi

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