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Agency Areas in Vizag soon to be turned into Agriculture-Tourism Spots

Authorities intend to develop agri-tourism places with flower crops in a few locations in the Visakha Agency area. The initiative is supported by the Chintapalli Research Centre and Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University (ANGRAU).

Visits to working farms, ranches, and agricultural sectors are part of agri-tourism, which is one of the fastest-growing divisions of the travel industry. Entertainment, education, leisure, outdoor adventures, shopping, and dining are all available at agritourism sites. The government is supporting agritourism by including tribal farmers in tourist attractions like Lambasingi, Araku, and other tribal areas.

The Regional Agricultural Research Center (RARC) in Chintapalli, Visakha tribal area, has now evolved into an organic floriculture research centre, with scientists experimenting with a variety of flower crops. The land is suited for their needs due to its favourable geographical and climatic circumstances.

Bharata Lakshmi, the in-charge associate director of research (ADR) at RARS Chintapalli, said they are now producing around 33 crops, including gladiolus, also known as the’sword lily’ because of its design. It’s a typical flowering perennial with long flower spikes. Each spike would set you back between Rs 15 and Rs 20. Bouquets often contain these flowers.

Scientists at Chintapalli research centre evaluated five different gladiolus cultivars. 45 days, 50 days, and 60 days are the harvesting times for this crop. “Traders of Narsipatnam after learning about the crops approached us and asked for flower supply .” Another expert observed, “It appears that they are now travelling to far-flung locations in search of blooms.”

For all crops, the research centre practises organic farming.

“If we can promote agri-tourism on the Lambasingi and Araku wayside where lands have been levelled for tents and other purposes, eco-tourism could be developed,” Bharata Lakshmi added.

Among the crops that have been planted are gladiolus, niger, a field crop, China aster, and hyacinth. Tuberosa and Lilium are being researched right now.

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