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A Special Story On Lambasingi: Amazing Tourist Place in Vizag District

Why do huge numbers of people come to this small community village in this four months…?

The sun appears to be as lovely as the moon there. The combination of sunbeams and snow is amazing.

Even in the hottest summers, the temperature rarely rises over 20 degrees. In the winter, a large number of tourists flock to the village, which has a population of 250 people.

It’s a hill station with a 3,600-foot elevation above sea level. The village is known as Lambasingi, those villagers are known as Korrabayalu.

As the winter has started, the snow is sparkling beautifully. As the region is known as South Kashmir, it experiences bitterly cold temperatures from December to the end of January.

During this time, temperatures drop below zero degrees. Only a few kilometres away from this location, where the sun does not rise until ten o’clock in the morning, the weather is regular,which is a surprising fact.

Youth from the nearby tribal villages, like Lambasingi, moved to the cities in search of work. However, as Lambasingi has become increasingly well-known in recent years, the amount of tourists visiting the area has increased.

As a result of the increase in tourism, many businesses have sprung across Lambasingi. As the number of tourists has grown, local teenagers have begun to open small businesses and find work here.

For ‘night stays,’ some locals have set up resorts, hotels, and tents. The tourism industry has also seen a large boost in revenue.

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