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50 More Power Substations Under SCADA in Visakhapatnam

Companies who provide electricity intend to continue to do so without interruption. Companies are employing innovative technology to get good results in this regard. Currently, 18 substations in Vizag are adopting SCADA (Supervisory Controls and Data Acquisition) to ensure that the power supply is running smoothly. Officials plan to install SCADA technology in 50 more substations that are under GVMC limits. They’ve already begun making preparations in this regard. Furthermore, officials aim to turn Gidizal substation in Anandapuram into an automated substation for the first time in the state of Andhra Pradesh. With the help of this substation’s automation, anyone can run electric substations in and around the area using a remote control without requiring the assistance of any staff.

A total of Rs 10 lakh is required to connect SCADA with each substation. Thus, Rs 5 crores is required for 50 substations. Discom is in charge of obtaining the required money. Concerned authorities claimed that they are in discussions with software providers about aggregating substation data with the SCADA system.

The Gidizal electric substation is the first automated electric substation in the state. Officials estimate that Rs 45 lakhs will be necessary to establish Gidizal as an automated substation. According to records, work on the substation’s automation has already begun. At SCADA-equipped substations, personnel are necessary. The automation of the substations allows them to be operated without the need for any personnel at the stations. If a substation’s power supply is interrupted, the supply will be automatically restored from other power supply lines.

In a recent APERC public poll, several people were opposed to the concept of automating the substation. Because of the automation of the substations, there is a risk that employees will have to quit their work. When asked about this issue by APDCL SE Surya Prathap, he stated that work on extending the SCADA system is in progress. We can provide people with an uninterrupted power supply by extending SCADA.

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